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           Chamber Music

   (Open to students inside and outside my studio)

Flute Duos, Trios, or Quartets

I am learning professional grade software to create video collages.  Students will take turns leading their small group and learn how to play with a click track to record video collages.  The amount of time to put together these collages is extensive, so the cost will be the same as private lessons per student.  Balancing the voices properly, making a click track, and syncing the video takes hours and hours of work for a short one-minute video.  People spend their career studying audio engineering or video engineering, so putting together both and having it sound polished but also representative is no small task  $30/30 minutes.  This class is contingent on enrollment and the proper pairing of abilities.

Flute Choir

Large flute group.  Same goals and cost as above except for large flute group.  This class is contingent on enrollment on proper pairing of abilities.  

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