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$5 Guided Practice Sessions

  (Only for students taking lessons in my studio)

All 30 min guided practice sessions - Students are on mute so do not have to worry about being exposed and can play what they can without having to worry about other people listening to their performance unless they would like to lead the group. 

40 Little Pieces

40 Little Pieces (Currently Saturdays at 6:00 - time open to change to suit more people’s schedules) - Warm up with scales and play pieces students are working on with Kathleen

MMEA Eastern Jr District

MMEA Eastern Jr District (Currently Fridays at 4:00 - will move to the weekend In late September - let me know preferred times) - Practice scales and Jr District piece with Kathleen

MMEA Eastern Sr District

Sr District (Currently Sundays at 7:00 - time open to change to suit more people’s schedules) - Practice scales and Sr District piece with Kathleen

Performance Class

Performance Class (Time to be decided - if interested, let me know your scheduling availability on Saturday/Sunday) - Practice performing in front of an online audience.  Great way to finish off learning a particular piece and strive for a higher level of performance.  Learn stage presence, performance techniques, and strategies to combat performance anxiety.  Particularly helpful for anyone having an approaching audition or hoping to audition in the future.  Practicing performance is a skill on its own.

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